Spirit 24x24 Original $3000 
Giclee price $300 Canvas or Archival Paper

Spirit that permeates life has always been a guiding force for me since I was a child. For me, the reality of Spirit transcends religions…IT just is. Using a dove was not meant to correspond with any particular belief or religion, I just wanted a physical representation that could help bring the
unseen to your daily life.

*All pricing excludes tax and shipping.

*If you purchase a canvas and want it stretched add $60.00 to the price regardless of size.

When you purchase a painting, payment must be made before it is shipped. 

We can text, call at (404) 455-0177 

or email me at, marian@marianmassie.com regarding shipping costs.

All payments are made through PayPal, using any credit card. Enrollment in PayPal is NOT required. 

Light, love, and freedom are depicted here. I have also written a book that is an autobiography.
In it I give examples from my own life about how Spirit has helped me in many, many situations, through dreams and precognition and Light and Sound and Divine Love. The name of my book is, Dancing With God ~ A True Story and you can purchase it on Amazon. Click Here to buy on Amazon.

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